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Affordable Moving offers flat rate pricing! Yes you’re reading that correctly FLAT RATE PRICING!!! No more watching the clock dreading every minute that ticks away knowing its cutting deeper and deeper into your pockets. How would you like to know exactly how much your move is going to cost before you move not after like other moving companies.

  • Have you ever had an estimated price on a move and it go well over what you were quoted?
  • Have you ever had a mover act grouchy, rude and argumentative?
  • Have you ever had a mover take smoke break after smoke break?
  • Have you ever had a mover disrespect your furniture by bumping and scratching it?
  • Don’t you wish you had a moving company that were Careful, Polite, Courteous and Affordable?

The search is over! Affordable Moving is all of the above and more. If you’re tired of the old outdated practices of these expensive Moving Companies than give Affordable Moving a chance to show you how the new and improved affordable way of moving is supposed to be.



Initially, I was dubious about hiring these guys to move our household full of antiques because of their low price. Alex and his crew showed up on time, in uniform and with a new moving rig. They carefully wrapped each piece of furniture and took their time. Many “budget” movers will cram as many jobs they can in a day, but not Affordable Movers. They allow for more than enough time to get each job done right. It gave my wife and I total piece of mind knowing Alex and his brother were treating our move with TLC. Moving is a hassle, but the best move you can make is trusting these fellows to make is as painless as possible. Certainly worth every penny, and easily half as much money as most professionals out there. Thanks Affordable.